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When purchasing appliances, homeowners are keen to make sure they buy trusted brands that will last for years. Moreover, you want to purchase energy efficient appliances to save some cash when it comes to utility bills. Faulty appliances will ruin your experience, as there is a high likelihood for the appliance to consume more power resulting to high-energy bills. At Brown Appliance Repair Service, we will help to repair your faulty appliances. Serving Canoga Park, our highly qualified technicians come with the best tools and equipment, including technical knowhow to ensure fast and efficient appliance repair. Therefore, if your appliance has failed to start, or does not function as it used to do when it was brand new, we are the masters you need to talk to.
We offer professional appliance repair at an affordable pricing. our technical team has the ability to service and repair different appliances no matter the make or the manufacturer. To schedule a service, contact Brown Appliance Repair Service on (805)944-1687. We provide our customers qualified appliance repair services while ensuring that we use the recommended replacement parts. Talk to Brown Appliance Repair Service for:


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DishWasher Repair

The dishwasher is definitely one of the important appliances worthy buying. Apart from just ensuring the dishwasher cleans the utensils well, you also want to ensure it is not using more power than it should. Therefore, professional dishwasher technicians should be your go to resource when it comes to dishwasher repair. Does your dish washer make a strange noise when in use? Or probably takes more time to clean the normal load of utensils. Contact Brown Appliance Repair Service and we will check the issue, restoring the dishwasher to the optimal performance state. At Brown Appliance Repair Service, our technicians remain committed to ensuring a fast and efficient service. Therefore, in case the dishwasher just failed and desperately need someone to fix it immediately, just dial our contact center and we will arrive soon.

Refrigerator Repair

Redefine your expectations by hiring professional refrigerator installation and repair services provider. At Brown Appliance Repair Service, we are a top rated refrigerator repair company serving Canoga Park area and its environs. We provide our clients a great deal of convenience especially through the at home refrigerator repair services. When it comes to installation of the refrigeration system, we are the masters. We access the kitchen and advice you on the most convenient place where to install the refrigerator. This ensures that you conserve the important kitchen space by utilizing it well. Contact Brown Appliance Repair Service for refrigerator installation services.

Repair of All Appliance Brands

At Brown Appliance Repair Service, we do not specialize in a particular brand or appliance model. Our technicians shall service and repair appliance manufactured by different brands. Further, we have the right equipment and replacement parts for servicing different makes and models of home use or commercial use appliances. Our technicians are factory accredited and receive regular trainings to make sure they are conversant with the different appliances available in the market. Come to Brown Appliance Repair Service today and enjoy the best appliance repair services. to schedule a service, just dial (805)944-1687 and our customer care representatives will be glad to serve you.

Microwave Repair

Are you looking for professional technicians in Canoga Park for Microwave installation or repair? Brown Appliance Repair Service is your ultimate service provider when it comes to appliance repair. We service microwaves and provide professional repair services. At Brown Appliance Repair Service, we employ seasoned technicians trained by leading appliance manufacturers and providing a great technology. Contact Brown Appliance Repair Service today and enjoy an outstanding service.

Washing Machines Repair

Brown Appliance Repair Service provides experienced technicians for the dryer or washing machine installation and general repair services. Serving Canoga Park and its environs, we are committed to ensuring that our clients enjoy the best appliance repair services, especially for the dryer and the washing machine. The dryer and the washing machine is an important investment especially in today’s life when you want to achieve so much within the limited time. To ensure your washing machine or dryer does not take too much space in your home, contact the professional washing machine installers in Canoga Park area.